Mystical Realms Dimensions

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This mod is just the dimensions and mobs addon to the base Mystical Realms, and all three are not included in this download, so be sure to get the other parts.

Other than that, here is a description:

Mystical Realms Dimensions adds in many things including:

  • A new dimension, with floating islands and a custom setup
  • 3 new aetheral mobs, that spawn exlusivly in said dimenson
  • A new boss, which once again, spawns exlusivly in the new dimension
  • A new type of creeper, know as the "Ender Creeper" which has an extremly rare spawn rate and spawns almost anywhere
  • A new type of golem, know as the "Golden Guardian" and can be made, or can be found almost anywhere, again with a rare spawn rate
  • A lightning summoner, which is a clock similar to the enchantment table, except it summons lightning
  • 2 new types of TNT, one being ender TNT made from ender powder dropped from the ender creeper, and the  othe being made of massive amounts of explosives
  • A crafting recipie for all of the conventional spawn eggs already in the gam
  • And about a dozen odds and ends, that have a variety of uses

Again, make sure to get the other two parts, or else you will miss out on alot of things. Link to the other two mods are here:

This group of mods is currently at an overall version of: 1.0.0


Mystical Realms Dimensions 4.0 (The Beggining)

Modification files - Mystical Realms Dimensions 4.0Uploaded on: 04/08/2016 - 00:27   File size: 334.58 KB

Well, actually, and with no offense to you, I don't think I will, mostly because I have the progression of my mod already planned out, however I will be making something very similar, with a boss that rhymes with alkaline. Just a little hint. However, first Im making the Oceaniuos, and the Mergerous. There latin, and if you want to know what they mean, they mean Ocean and Magic respectively. You can guess what they'll be about.