TrafficMod [Pre-ALPHA 0.2]

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Here is my road mod!
This mod is no longer develop with MCreator ... A link will appear to go to the mod 's website

Here is a small tuoriel to start !

 > First , you need craft a pattern of the form of your desired sign . For now , There is a only one pattern : triangle


 > Then , you need craft a post . For now , there is only the vertical post . You can place this block for increase height of your sign .


> After , you need craft a element sign :

                                   Warning sign element


                                   Retract road sign element


                                   Crossing road sign element


> So , there is more than to merge with a post




There you go !

>>> There is also a new block : Concrete block !



It is in Pre-Alpha so please suggest me some stuff!

This is a french mod, so sorry for my english :)


Know bugs :

-> Blocks don't rotate in the player direction


Changelogs :

Pre-ALPHA 0.2 :

- Added Concrete Block
- Added Crossing road sign element 
- Added Crossing road sign
- Fixed particules of Post

Pre-ALPHA 0.1 :

- Added Road sign pole
- Added Triangle sign pattern
- Added Warning sign element
- Added Retract road sign element
- Added Retract road sign
- Added Warning road sign


Modification files
TrafficMod [Pre-ALPHA 0.1].zipUploaded on: 05/15/2017 - 12:05   File size: 51.7 KB
TrafficMod [Pre-ALPHA 0.2].zipUploaded on: 05/15/2017 - 12:05   File size: 74.77 KB

Salut Jeremy60800 ! Je connais ta chaîne Youtube pour les tutos Mcreactor je trouve ta chaîne super cool tu m'as aidée a progresser sur Mcreator ! Pour ton mod sur les panneaux comment tu les a créer ou modéliser ? Voilà c'est tout ce que j'avais à te dire ! PS : désoler pour le fautes d'orthographe et je suis abonné à ta chaine !