Future Activated!

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Hello this is my first mod :)

I will add some new things so don't forget to see updates!

Hello, thanks everybody who downloaded this mod!


-Leonite ore

Mine it and you will get Leonite


Used to craft Leonite plates

-Leonite plate

With this you can make:

Leonite block, Leonite armor and Leonite tools

-Leonite tools and armor

They are better than diamond tools and armor



-Radioactive armor

It add some buffs

Its very expensive

-Radioactive sword

Its expensive and does some damage

Good to make if you have lot of diamonds!

-Leonite coal

Its 10x better than normal coal

-Leonite meat

Its expensive ..... meat

Best to use only if you are rich because its expensive!


-Radioactive block

Used for Radiation portal

-Radioactive candle

Used as igniter for Radiaton portal

-Radiation dimension

Normal green dimension ......


-Bugfix update


Added achievements!

-Craftable diamond sword!


-Leonite MultiTool

Looks like wand... but its MULTI-TOOL!

-Leonite pistol

Pistol made of Leonite

-Leonite Flamethrower

It makes fire!


From Minecraft story mode!


Leonite plate: Add Leonite to middle, middle left and right

Leonite block , armor and tools:

They makes like the vanilla recipes

Radioactive armor:

In middle diamond armor and next to it two Leonite plates

Radioactive sword:

In middle diamond sword, above it Leonite plate and under it stick

Leonite meat:

WARNING! Its expensive and its like normal meat!

In the middle Steak and on the left and right put Leonite plates

Leonite coal:

Coal in the middle and near it put Leonite plates

Radioactive block:

In middle diamond block and everywhere leonite plates

Radioactive candle:

Torch in middle , above and under it Leonite plates

Diamond sword:

In middle diamond sword and above,under,left and right put radioactive stone

Leonite pistol:

In middle bow and to left and right Leonite plates

Leonite Flamethrower:

In middle bow to left Flint and steel and to right , above and under it Leonite plates

Leonite MultiTool:

In middle Leonite pickaxe , above it Leonite shovel and under it Leonite axe


Leonite ore is spawning everywhere ( MCreator bug)

All of blocks can be mined by hand (Another MCreator bug)

If you are seeing achievements your MineCraft can get crashed




I cant add any new updates so I will delete the old versions so please dont be sad :)