Future Activated!

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Hello this is my first mod :)

I will add some new things so don't forget to see updates!

Hello, thanks everybody who downloaded this mod!


-Leonite ore

Mine it and you will get Leonite


Used to craft Leonite plates

-Leonite plate

With this you can make:

Leonite block, Leonite armor and Leonite tools

-Leonite tools and armor

They are better than diamond tools and armor



-Radioactive armor

It add some buffs

Its very expensive

-Radioactive sword

Its expensive and does some damage

Good to make if you have lot of diamonds!

-Leonite coal

Its 10x better than normal coal

-Leonite meat

Its expensive ..... meat

Best to use only if you are rich because its expensive!


-Radioactive block

Used for Radiation portal

-Radioactive candle

Used as igniter for Radiaton portal

-Radiation dimension

Normal green dimension ......


-Bugfix update


Added achievements!

-Craftable diamond sword!


-Leonite MultiTool

Looks like wand... but its MULTI-TOOL!

-Leonite pistol

Pistol made of Leonite

-Leonite Flamethrower

It makes fire!


From Minecraft story mode!


Leonite plate: Add Leonite to middle, middle left and right

Leonite block , armor and tools:

They makes like the vanilla recipes

Radioactive armor:

In middle diamond armor and next to it two Leonite plates

Radioactive sword:

In middle diamond sword, above it Leonite plate and under it stick

Leonite meat:

WARNING! Its expensive and its like normal meat!

In the middle Steak and on the left and right put Leonite plates

Leonite coal:

Coal in the middle and near it put Leonite plates

Radioactive block:

In middle diamond block and everywhere leonite plates

Radioactive candle:

Torch in middle , above and under it Leonite plates

Diamond sword:

In middle diamond sword and above,under,left and right put radioactive stone

Leonite pistol:

In middle bow and to left and right Leonite plates

Leonite Flamethrower:

In middle bow to left Flint and steel and to right , above and under it Leonite plates

Leonite MultiTool:

In middle Leonite pickaxe , above it Leonite shovel and under it Leonite axe


Leonite ore is spawning everywhere ( MCreator bug)

All of blocks can be mined by hand (Another MCreator bug)

If you are seeing achievements your MineCraft can get crashed




Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

I cant add any new updates so I will delete the old versions so please dont be sad :)