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I've always wanted to create a tehnological type mod in minecraft, so i have finaly done it. This is my Kronox Tech mod.

For now there are only available 3 basic quarry systems for Iron ingots, Coal and Gold ingots.

-How to get started?

1.Quarry component crafting recepies To get started you need to craft a iron drill head witch will be used in every quarry recepie.

When its done you will need a lava engine.

And than you will need to craft up some basic chips for quarry heads.

First and the most basic one is coal quarry head, its used in coal quarry block crafting and higher tier quarry crafting.

Than there is a iron quarry head and gold quarry head

These are items witch you need to use in quarry crafting 

2.Quarry crafting recepies

Coal Quarry

Iron Quarry

Gold Quarry

In crafting recepies is used dispenser

3.Coal burner

Use it with hopper on any side or top by droping or placing coal into hopper (do not use anything else, but if something else goes into hopper and later the machine, just reset the machine by breaking it) Remember to place coal burner into air, with 1 block space clear below it, to make the block generate quarry fuel. (Few lines below there is a tutorial on how to use coal burner together with quarries)

-How to use quarries? 

1. Quarry Setup Tutorial (Coal burner included) 

The basic quarry setup (Ignore iron blocks at the bottom)

Always use blocks like this, but for Gold or Coal quarries you need to change ore block to the corresponding ore block. Quarries can be placed together with no spaces between them, but beware of one thing, quarry condition tells that quarry must have atleast 1 free side and 1 free corner for items to be dispensed on sides not in the air. Items will be dispensed from coal burner sides.

How not to place quarries together

In this case Quarry will shoot all items in air becouse all 4 corners are blocked, even if all 4 sides are clear. Condition is false

In this case Quarry will shoot all items in air becouse all 4 sides are blocked, even if all 4 corners are clear. Condition is false

This is how you can place quarries to make items not to dispense items in the air. We are looking at the middle block, ignore other blocks, it has only 1 free side and 1 free corner, the condition is true, so middle quarry will shoot items to the free side.

Now for the bigger quarry setup using basic quarries

In this setup, every quarry block has atleast 1 free corner and 1 free side. 

You can make more efficient designs for quarries becouse these quarries are infinitely expandable, these are not the best, just basic designs

2. Quarry framing tutorial

Using quarry without a frame is almost useles, becouse almost all items will be thrown away. To block that you just need to make a little wall, 1 block away from every quarry structure.

My designs for most basic setup and for one little bigger. Remember that you can use anything to frame your quarry, im using Iron blocks and glass and some stone. I am using hoppers to gather generated resources, but it can be done using water.

If you have any questions or recommendations feel free to comment. In few days ill try to update the guide and other things for this mod, and remember that its just a test release, ill add more stuff, so if you have any ideas, like i said comment. Sorry for my bad English

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Please update this to 1.11.2!
Only one question : for waht are used exactly quarries? Mining?

Dayum! Very different from other Mcreator mods. Great job!