Published by Matej on Sun, 08/07/2016 - 19:26
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This is the mod that we, developers of MCreator, have used for testing the new version of MCreator. The mod became bigger then we tought it would so we decided to upload it as an example for our community.

These are the features that it has:

  • 2 new ores

  • New ore blocks for them

  • Custom ore drops with random chances

  • New emerald armor (made from mod's emerald) with high armor values

  • Custom ruby armor with potion effects (try adding 4 ruby dusts round the sword in + shape for some neat enchantments!)

  • New trees and biome

  • New dimension

  • Some very nutritious food

  • Something very small :)

  • Throwable tnt (TTNT) and emerald bow with ruby arrows as ammo

  • Gigantic teapot??? Because why not! Just cook the normal pot!

We hope you've learned how you can improve your mod by adding some description and images to make it look a bit more attractive!

Modification files
devmod.jar - DEV mod mod file4.39 MB
devmod.mcr - DEV mod workspace file372.96 KB

You can download workspace too and import it into your MCreator to see the structure of this mod.

Would it be okay for me too put the mod in my modpack? (You'll get full credit for the mod)

Dude is that a custom obj textured modell??? HOW Tha hell? I thought that its imposible to give a texture to a obj models????

Matej is that tea pot custom textured? that was my question that you didnt answered

If possible, it would be helpful to have samples are things like mobs and blocks with GUI (chests, machine, etc.) in future versions.