Diamonds Aint Nothing

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Welcome to the newest mod to let you go further than diamonds! 

Diamonds Aint Nothing is a mod that lets you create weapons and armor that exceeds the stats of diamonds.

It is the perfect addition to any Minecraft world!

It adds:

Marble, a stone found naturally underground

Crushed Obsidian, created by smelting obsidian

Obsidian Ingot, created by putting 9 Crushed Obsidian into a crafting table (like a block)

Reinforced Obsidian Block, made by putting 9 Obsidian Ingots into a crafting bench (like a block)

Obsidian Rod, created by putting the obsidian ingots vertically through the middle of a crafting bench. When right clicked, it summons an iron golem but loses durability.

Dimensional Wand, Created with 2 Obsidian Rods and a diamond on top, used to light the portal to 'The Other'

The Other, A new dimension accesable with a Pur-Pur portal frame and a Dimensional Wand

Mysterion, A block found throughout The Other

Infected Mysterion, Also found across The Other

Rough Mysterion, a block rarely found in the Other

Myster Ore, An ore found in The Other

Myster, created by smelting the Myster Ore

Mystiz, A liquid found in The Other

Myster Block, A block created using 9 Myster 

Infused Ingot, Created by combining Myster and Obsidian Ingot

Infused Block, Created using 9 infused ingots. When right clicked it summons a Wither Boss

Infused Armor, High quality armor made with infused ingots in typical armor crafting style

Infused Slicer, made with obsidian rods and Infused Ingots

Infused Lazer, created with Infused Ingots and Flint+Steel

Abandoned House, a new structure found throughout the overworld.


For screenshots:

For Recipes:


If you find a bug comment it so I can fix it!


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The textures are very otherworldly. Good job! It's a bit generic, though.