Essences Of The Worlds

Published by MrFrozen on Thu, 02/13/2020 - 12:45
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Mod "Essences of worlds" adds new ores, worlds where you can get these ores, tools and armor, mobs that will be defeated by you. Essences of Worlds are not designed for globality, because it is more like adding a secondary atmosphere to your modpack.
Fight! Get it! Break it! Become a legend!
530+ New Items!
43+ New armors!
280+ New blocks!
6+ New Dimensions!
41+ New Mobs!
25+ New Structures!
25+ New Biomes!
And other!
Latest Version >> 0.7.1
Page on CurseForge: Coming Soon!


Big update!
Will be divided into 3 parts: The base and two extensions.
Bug fixes.
Some new textures
Changed battle with the King of Skeletons
Nether crystals: Using as fuel melts fewer items.
A search bar has been added to the Tools and armor tab.
Advanced workbench: Changed the interface. It also works a little differently now. Blanks are required for creation.
Rarer coins can be turned into less rare ones.
Elemental potions: removed the recipe. Will be added along with alchemy in 7.2
Removed properties of elemental potions.
Removed recipes for healing and elemental potions.
Removed the "use potions" button. 
Removed a fragment of the soul from the recipe for Dragon scales.
Changed the recipe for an ingot of fire essence.
Changed the recipe for the poison dagger and sword. Now there are no drops of poison.
Changed the recipe for a diamond ring. Now there is less iron is wasted.
Renamed walls and fences. Now it is written what they are made of.
Moved walls and fences from the Decorations tab to Blocks.
Changed the number of trees in the Tropics
And a few other changes
Hardmode - are you tired of simple weak mobs? This game mode is for you! 
Mobs become stronger, and it is harder for you to survive, but the reward will be more valuable! New loot from bosses, more chance from mobs, get everything you can!

New Weapons:
Magic Books: new long-range(and not only) weapons. Can be obtained from a runic leather bag.
Scythes: A type of melee weapon. Differs from the sword only in damage and durability.
Bow's and crossbows: More damage and durability than origin bow.
New sets and tools:
Obisidian tools: More durability and more efficient than diamonds versions.
Bloody tools and armor: Not particularly strong, but practical armor available at the beginning of the game. Tools can be compared to iron.
Ancient tools and armor: Armor falling from the boss of Ancient cave. Protects a little better than mythril. Tools faster, powerful and very cool tools that mythril.
Frozen tools and armor: The armor is not inferior to iron. Tools are similar to iron ones.
Meteorite tools: Are almost the same as iron ones.
 Meteorite pickaxe can smelting ores.
Sacrifice daggers: Allow you to collect souls from creatures. The better the dagger, the more souls you can get from a single entity.
Terra\Flame\Hallow\Edge\Fear tools: Unique items associated with individual worlds. They have unusual properties.
Frostburn items: They have infinite strength.
Sticky wand: Allows you to collect fragile blocks.
Copper and tin tools: Slightly weaker than the iron versions, and stronger than the stone ones.
Bronze tools: Equal to iron tools
Oceanite tools: Slightly superior to iron tools.
Drills: Faster, and stronger than ordinary picks.
New Accessory:
Gold and Diamonds watch: Shows the time of day and more accurate time. (Wip)
Levitation cores: Allow you to levitate for a while. Have three levels.
Mining core: If you dig anything with this core, auto-melting occurs.
Mana core: Material
Hellfire shield: Extinguishes the player if the player is on fire.
Ancient shield: Blocks damage from liquid of death
New materials and ores:
Meteorite: Appears in the world in small heaps on the surface.
Blood: Drop from the mobs in the new biome - the Bloody Ground!

Magma crystal: Are a new fuel that melts 32 items at a time. Required for a blast furnace
Icycle: Drop from of normal ice.
Ice crystal: New material appearing in an Ice cave.
Soul shards: New material. Everything related to this will be added in 7.1
Souls: Loot from any mob. There are variations for each world added by vanilla and modification. Use them on the Altar of souls to get a rare loot!
Book: Used to create magic books.
Terra\Flame\Hallow\Edge\Fear ingots: A rare loot from using the soul on the soul altar. Used for special items.
Angelite: Additional ore appearing in the Heaven. Used to create various things.
Ancient Ingot: The material created by the Essence.
Oceanite: It appears in the depths of the ocean and rarely on beaches.
New blocks for crafting:
Blast furnace: a new place to create, namely, remelting ores! 
Mythril ore can only be melted down here. It requires 20 magma crystals to activate.
Alchemical table: a new place to create potions. Will be added in 7.2
New mobs:
Miner and zombie miners: Temporarily not used. Will be added in 7.1
Headless zombie: Just a zombie
Bloody terror
New boss: Guardian of Hell! Small guardian of hell itself. Use the devil's eye on the infernal altar to summon it
Runestones: Unique magic items that you can use to get some effects that will remain even after you die! The more runes used, the stronger the effect.
Starting bag: Issued at the beginning of the game and contains some things. Issued only 1 time.
Blanks: Can be extracted from rusty crates. Used to create things on an advanced workbench.
World core: A unique unit capable of working as a bed. If you are using saves the save location of the player. Works in all worlds.
Some new blocks.
7.1 Updage - 1\2
Ghost armor now available
Angel's armor now it is repaired not only with crystals but also with angelite.
Added a way to gem crystal armor with iron.
Volcanic armor slows you down more.
Enderium shield now it has durability, at a height of 30 lifts you into the air higher, giving you the effect of protection from falling. Spends durability for each use.
Changed the texture for the gem staffs.
Changed the crafting of gem staffs. Now they are created in the workbench using a new material.
Changed the recipe for rings. Now they are created in the workbench using a new material.
Changed the recipe for necklaces. Now they are created in the workbench. 
Changed the shield recipe. Now they are made on the workbench.
Changed the recipe for oceanite scythe.
Changed the recipe for mana ingots and crystals. Now they are created on the workbench.
Changed recipes for activators of portals to different worlds.
Changed Dead Forest biome.
Changed the texture of the instruments of mana.
Changed the properties of mana tools:
*Durability: 150 => 5
*Damage: Sword: 20 => 12, Hammer: 15 => 5
Mana Hammer: Changed loot from digging. 
Mana Pickaxe: When created, it has a 50% chance of being immediately enchanted. 
Essence of life\fire\night\light\frostborn: Now can drop out with mobs after death in certain worlds.
Added Nightmare, Cobalt and Mythril drills.
Added Nightmare, Cobalt and Mythril scythes.
Now the shadow ore appears only in the dead forest biome and dead desert biome.
Fixed bugs with the blast furnace.
Now blast furnace melts everything with a doubling.
Now liquid death only kills the player.
Removed bottles

Scythes: Melee weapons that deal more damage than swords and have more durability.
Staff of Nightmare crystal: Deals 8 damage to any target.
Staff of Enderium: Deals 4 damage to any target. It slows it down very much.
Staff of Nether crystal: Deals 3 damage to targets that don't burn. If the target is lit, it deals double damage.
Firestorm book: Sets fire to the enemy with quick attacks.
Pistol with core: Deals 5 damage to any target. Weakens and slows down the enemy. Uses crystal bullets.
Rifle with core: Deals 2 damage to any target. Weakens and slows down the enemy. Uses crystal bullets. Shoots without charging
Core rifle: Deals 6 damage to any target. Weakens and slows down the enemy. Uses crystal bullets. Shoots without charging
Core staff: It has two variations: Support and damage. The support staff gives 4 different effects with some probability, or gives any player that has positive effects indicated. The attack staff slows down the target it hit, as well as exploding some space above it.

Ring with core gem: Passive effect: While you are burning you get strength. Active effect: You spend 2 hearts and get a level 3 strength effect for 20 seconds.
Scroll - Core: 10 Uses, when used reduces your lives to 4 hearts(2 in hardmode) and increases your strength, defense, and speed. Can be obtained in Deadland when enchanting an ordinary scroll.
Scroll - Celestial: 10 Uses, when used it gives saturation. Can be obtained in Heaven when enchanting an ordinary scroll.
Mining core: When you dig something,it is immediately melted down.
Magic core: Material
Core of Normal\Nether\End world: When you die in a certain world, you will return to life with half of your HP
Exp Core: Moves the player's experience to a special dimension. The experience can be extracted by pressing the Right Mouse Button and holding the shift.
Shield of Hero: With a health of 2 hearts or less, heals you for 5 hearts, and spends one durable

New Tools!
Core tools: Quicker than the obsidian. The drill, Pickaxe, and Warhammer have unusual properties.
Celestial Stone tools: Durable and affordable tools for the middle of the game.

New machinery:
Igniter: When the redstone is signaled, it creates a flame on top of itself.
Water Generator: When the redstone is signaled, it creates a water on top of itself.
Lighting Generator: When the redstone is signaled, it creates a lightning bolt.
Crusher: Crushes ores.
Destroyer: After feeding it with the energy of the redstone, it begins to dig up the blocks under it.
Switches: there Are 5 variations. Each of them updates the blocks around it every 10 seconds.

New Armor!
Magic Robes: 7 different variations directly related to the essence. They do not have any properties and are only decorative.
Unstable Core Armor: A stronger and more advanced version of the Volcanic armor. Protects stronger, and does not slow down when worn.
Fallen Angels Armor: Trophy from the boss.

New worlds:
Miner's cave: A world designed for mining various ores. The portal activator is created in a normal workbench.
Deadlands: The deadlands are the place where everything died. Activator in this world can be obtained by mining obsidian\obsidian crate in hell.

Core Crystal: Material from the world of Deadland. It is extracted with a diamond or better pickaxe.
Rare Core Crystal: Material from the world of Deadland. Can be obtained by chance during the digging of core ore.
Iron Ring: Material. Used for creating rings.
Staff Rod: Material. Used for creating staffs.
Obsidian Plate: Material. Used for creating Core armor and other.

New creative tab for food
New creative tab for armor
11 New food
1 New drinks.
9 New mobs.
16 New light blocks.
New loot bag - Core
New biome: Dead desert. Completely empty the area. Nothing. Not a living soul does not live here.
2 new blanks - Drill head and Scythe head.
6 new trapdoors