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RAINBOW MOD v. 3.3 for 1.7.10

This is my first mod so please, if something goes wrong, tell me.

This mod is now BETA! 

I have released a new mod Galaxy Mod! Check it out! Link below!


If anyone will make a showcase for the mod, thanks! and please tell me :D



 This mod is all about rainbows. Hey! Don't leave yet! This mod adds rainbow items that can be useful for PvP, Adventure and Survival! It contains weapons that can be easily crafted!

Using rainbow orbs, you can craft different kinds of rainbow items. Check them all out! And, I used HD textures for the items ;D


I can finally post screenshots! (will post soon)




Rainbow Sword:

Rainbow Bow:



Rainbow Helmet:

Rainbow Chestplate:

Rainbow Leggings:

Rainbow Boots:



Rainbow Orb:



Rainbow Block:

Rainbow Stairs:



Rainbow Apple (DERP):




v. 2.0

-Added Rainbow Sword

-Added Rainbow Bow

-Added Rainbow Armor


v. 2.8

-Added Rainbow Orb

-Fixed the Rainbow Armor

-Fixed some textures


v. 3.3

-Added Rainbow Block

-Added recipes

-Added a new tab for the items

-Fixed some stuff


v. 3.8 (Removed due to problems INCOMPATIBLE)

-Added potion effects on armor

   -Each armorpiece has now health boost of 5 for each 

-Improved and added features on sword and bow

   -Sword when right clicked, strikes lightning

   -Bow when used, strikes lightning too


v. 4.3

-Added Rainbow Apple! It has insanely good effects when used!

   -Has an extra derp face in it!

-Added Rainbow Stairs


v. 4.4

-Huge bug fixes


Galaxy Mod: https://mcreator.pylo.co/modification/32075/galaxy-mod-beta








Modification files
rainbow_mod_2.8.zip - 2.8 OLD VERSIONUploaded on: 10/30/2016 - 05:47   File size: 71.99 KB
rainbow_mod_3.3.zip - 3.3 PREVIOUS VERSIONUploaded on: 10/30/2016 - 07:54   File size: 79.63 KB
rainbow_mod_3.8.zip - 3.8 PREVIOUS VERSIONUploaded on: 10/30/2016 - 10:45   File size: 80.77 KB
rainbow_mod_4.3.zip - 4.3 BROKEN VERSION (DON'T USE)Uploaded on: 10/31/2016 - 00:20   File size: 91.37 KB

Has been a year, Merry Christmas everyone! No, I did not retire on mod developing. There's been alot of personal stuff that went through the past months that really hit me hard, joining with some homeworks that are non-stop. I need some time and I hope you guys loved my mods. I never realised my comments and replies were this cringey lol. See you soon.

Announcement: I'm currently making my Personal Mod (Stay tuned 'cuz I will be uploading it real soon).

@#6 I'm not sure about updating this mod agian. I am working on a mod right now. But I have school stuff I have to catch up, sorry for the disappointment ;-;.

I might transfer this to my new mod in progress! :D (not sure yet)

Animated items will be a pain in the bum. It's not that easy but that's a challenge for me!

I had that idea! (I SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT) Well, I will add that soon! Animated rainbow apple it is!

If you make animated textures this mod is going to be the mod of the week. I know that it takes lots of time XD

GUYS! My very first mod and I got to the Top rated mods! THANK YOU! You're blowing my mind!

Hello! Just a note: this mod will be updated ALL THE TIME so be alerted!