Slime Rancher Mod

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Hello everyone! Today I will show you a mod that I made in the spring, but for technical reasons I compiled it today for a newer version (1.10.2). It adds the game SlimeRancher in Minecraft. Some slimes not working properly (eg. Tarr), but next versions of the mod I'll do something with it. Don't worry! Work on the mod will be continued! I plan to add plortonomy, food for slimes and of course, treasures.


2.0! What Added?

  • The Moss Blanket, new home for Boom, Honey and Water slimes!
  • New Models For Slimes (Phosphor and Tabby)
  • Gordo Slimes (Yet Unusable)
  • Bugfixes!


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In development

Submitted by Goldorion on Sun, 06/16/2019 - 16:44

Can you add some pictures of your mod please ?