botw zelda mod

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botw zelda mod, hi my name is  ephskinachi this is a mod that gives you awesome adventures based on the legend of Zelda I love the legend of Zelda its my favorite video game 

it has the master sword its a little O.P (over powered) 

Other items...


1. master sword

2. word block

3. sheika slate

4. robin's sword

5. EX-block

6. blue ender block

7. sword block

8. some block

9. x block

10. black block

11. black biome

12. swords man biome

13. Ganon biome

14. not a cool dimension

15. blue dimension

16. E block


The End for now.....

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

Good job on your first mod! I can't wait for more updates to this mod!

i wonder why sir cookie puts nice mod on every mod hes nice i kinda think hes pylo but probably not

I LOVE ZELDA 8/10 MOD the reason why it's 8 is because we'll the ganondorf biome don't make any sense maybe add grass idk