Published by Xcraft68 on Mon, 12/19/2016 - 20:06
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It's a basic mod for a modpack. It add a craft and money to Minecraft.

It wouldn't upgrade a lot in the future.

There is the 1 € coin, the 2 € coin and then the 5 €, 10 €, 20 € and 50 € bill.

For a craft it's add the craft of the Saddle.

It will add the craft of the Horse Armors


  • Fr : C'est un mod basique, il ne rajoute que un Craft et la monnaie à Minecraft.
  • Il y a les pieces de 1 et 2 €, pour les billets il y a les billets de 5, 10 , 20 et 50 euros.
  • Le mod rajoute le craft de la selle pour les cheveaux.
  • Il y aura les armures pour chevaux.

Ce mod ne va pas être souvent mis a jour.

Modification files
addcraftingv3.1.jar - AdCrafting 3.1 (doesn't work)47.09 KB
AdCrafting - AdCrafting For MC 1.12.2 (doesn't work)97.93 KB
AdCrafting 3.2.1 (1.10.2).jar - AdCrafting 3.2.1 For MC 1.10.2 (doesn't work)86.2 KB
Changelog  Bug Fix 

3.2.1 :  Update to 1.12.2 !  Added 100 € bill and some other cool stuff. Crash Fix

You said in the description that you added €, but in the image I see a $...
What about adding a custom minecraft currency? Emeralmoney, minecoins, I don't know...