Stone & Castles Mod

Published by HyperSGYT on Sat, 07/08/2017 - 19:20
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Hello! Its me again! im here with this new awesome Mod!

Stone & Castles Mod:

This mod it's based on the Medieval Era,The Mobs and Blocks works how defences(Walls,Warriors to defend your house/castle,etc),But others gives to the player/s Materials(Food,Blocks,Building Materials,etc).


  • The Archer

This Mob SHOOT the agresive Mobs with his Bow (Zombies,Creepers,Skeletons and Spiders)  [BUG/GLITCH:If you put the difficulty on "PACEFUL" they will dissapear]

  • The Knight

This Mob use his Sword to KILL the agresive Mobs (Zombies,Creepers,Skeletons and Spiders)  [BUG/GLITCH:If you put the difficulty on "PACEFUL" they will dissapear]

  • The Miner 

This Mob has a "Special Ability",if you do Right Click with a Iron Nugget in your hand he will give you a Iron Ingot (The Iron Nugget Consumes itself)

  • The Citizen

This Mob has the same IA of the Villagers,so they go to Houses on the Night,they do Exchanges with you and recolect the vegetables on the farms,but,they have a "Special Ability" too,,if you do Right Click with Wheat in your hand he will give you Bread (The Iron Nugget Consumes itself)


  • ArcherSpawn:

Spawns the Archer [Creative Tab:Tools]

  • KnightSpawn:

Spawns the Knight [Creative Tab:Tools]

  • MinerSpawn:

Spawns the Miner [Creative Tab:Tools]

  • CitizenSpawn:

Spawns the Citizen [Creative Tab:Tools]

  • Marble Brick

With this brick you can craft a "Marble Bricks Block" [Creative Tool:Blocks]


  • Marble

This Block genarates randomly in your world and can be picked with a Stone - Gold Pickaxe.

  • Smooth Marble Block

It's a decoration Block,it doesn't have nothing special. . .

  • Marble Bricks Block

It's a decoration Block,it gives 3,and doesn't have nothing special. . .


  • Old Farmer House

This Structure generates randomly on the Plains Biome.

There aren't other structures,but in the next updatess i will put more :P



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It's a cool mod, but the miner allows you to have infinite iron, because you can turn the iron ingot he gives you back into 9 nuggets...