Survival Hut Mod

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Hello. Today I am happy to present The Survival Dirt Hut mod. This mod adds something else exiting to your minecraft world. It is a structure that is like a hut but made out of dirt. It is something fun to search for in survival mode to. It has the following items in it such as,

1, a bed

2, a crafting table

3, a furnace

4, a chest.  tried to put items in it but i wasn't succesful in doing so.

5, 2 torches. One on the inside and one on the outside so you can find the hut.

This structure spawns in the plains so it won't be that hard to find. It spawns above ground so you won't find it underground.

I based it on that somebody from the past built it even though they didn't. I just thought it was a cool idea.

Please leave comments of what you think about this mod and feel free to suggest anything that would make this mod better. That would be greatly appreciated. This mod was built for 1.10.2 and 1.12. Let me know if ou want any other versions. Hope you all like this mod. Have fun with it!


I am a new at this whole structure generation thing. I plan on making a bigger structure soon.

it is funny structure
Please download my Copper and Sulfur mod

I think you used the schematic format for the model. Use .nbt instead, that will allow you to have items in the chest.