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Ever wanted to play RuneScape? Maybe not, but i'm sure you've wanted to play MineCraft. While else would you be here? Well now there's MineScape! Implementing things from armor, to weapons, to mobs. All from RuneScape!

Changelog: ||8/5/2017-8/7/2017||

-Added Soft Clay

-Added Potter's Wheel

-Added Unfired Pot

Unfired Pot by DjStarters

-Added Empty Pot

Empty Pot by DjStarters

Modification files
minescape_v0.02.jar - Download MineScape Now!Uploaded on: 08/08/2017 - 02:56   File size: 100.04 KB

nice mod, i never played runescape, and i don't know notting about him, but this mod it's cool

This sounds like an interesting project, i always enjoyed playing runescape.
Will you also add something like a level system?

@#2 Ohhhh yes. You will be able to see your levels in the bottom corners (Crafting, mining, ect). Certain things you will not be able to craft because your crafting level isn't high enough. I just need to find out a way to print something in the game chat so it notifies the player they can't craft an item because their not high enough level.