Magical force

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This is my first mod.




Magic sphere

You can get from magic ore. This ore can be destroyed by a blue power pick, or blow it up with TNT.


Magic crystal

Can be obtained using the crystallizer. Right click in the air to obtain crystals. This requires magic energy.


Blue magic fragment

Break the blue fire to get it. You can find it all over the world.


Sun plate

Right click on the fire pad to get a sun plate. The inventory should be the magic crystal.



Magic connector.

Stores magic energy. To get magic energy, use the magic sphere or create generators of magical energy.

Healing panel.

Gives fast regeneration, consume magic energy.



Sun and moon generators.

Generates magical energy. They need to see the sky.

Blood generator.

Generates magic energy when someone takes damage. Try to swim in lava. :)


In developing:


Dark ore, ingot

New dimension

More generators, blocks, items


Modification files
magicalforce_beta1.0.jar - First version of this mod.Uploaded on: 09/03/2017 - 13:01   File size: 772.01 KB