MeziCraft: 100+ Dinosaurs and Animals!

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Welcome, to Jurassic Park! Now with 100+ Dinosaurs!

We have so much dinosaurs, more than 100! Have fun with our playful Diabloceratops, Fruitidens, and Dryosaurus, or run from Carnotaurus, Megalosaurus, Allosaurus, and the fearsome T-Rex! Also, we have a dinosaur dimension with 13 biomes! Use an emerald frame and the green saw thing in the tools menu called "Prehistoric Lighter". I hope you enjoy! 

NOTICE: Due to an error, MeziCraft will sadly not receive any more updates. 

Updates are in the changelog.

Also if there is a glitch, or if you have any ideas, please notify me in the comments section!

New updates coming soon! 

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The Newist Update:


Adds 8 new dinosaurs:


Sauroposeidon, the tallest dinosaur in the mod,


Giganotosaurus, the massive sauropod hunter,


Diplodocus, the long but fragile sauropod,


Carcharodontosaurus, another giant carnivore,


and much more!


Submitted by HyperSGYT on Wed, 11/15/2017 - 14:46

And. . .How you do the models xD?

you should try making more small theropods it would be amazing if you do

how did you get so many biomes in you're dimension ?
every time I try to put more than one custom biome the dimension only takes the first Biome that I input could please explain how it works ?