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Published by Vegetto on Sun, 10/29/2017 - 23:57
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Based on the hit PS2 RPG titled "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4" comes the Persona 4 Minecraft Mod! This mod alongside my Persona 3 mod and soon Persona 5 mod will be together as a new series of mods. (Even though some shadows have the same name in P3 and P4 but are different in terms of stats, the mods are still compatible.)


The initial release includes (Check changelog for more):

-4 Shadows (Lying Hablerie, Trance Twins, Magic Hand, and Calm Pesce.)

-Tarot Card

-Craftable TV's 

-The TV World

-Blocks to replicate the TV World hub (Creative Only)


How to enter the TV World:

when you craft a TV (using wood, redstone torch and glass), simply right-click the TV and you'll be sent to the TV world. It looks similar to the normal world but only shadows will spawn and there is a yellow thick fog covering the area. It is recommended to bring a second tv, some additional redstone, and a daylight sensor so that you could craft a tv that allows you to return to the overworld.




recipes 2

recipes 3


Some mob models are temporary. The temporary ones will be changed in the near future

Modification files

0.0.2 Added Features:

-4 new shadows

   -Black Raven

   -Heat Balance

   -Laughing Table

   -Shadow Yosuke

-Zio and Agi skills (only a few)

   -Zio, Zionga, Ziodyne, Thunder Reign

   -Agi, Agilao, Agidyne

-4 new weapons

   -Golf Club (Wooden and iron)

   -Katana (Wooden and Iron)


Known Issues:

-Zionga, Ziodyne, Thunder Reign, Agilao, and Agidyne need buffs. They are too weak to match the point in the P4 game as to when you get the Personas with those skills.

I have never played this game but this mod looks cool. Why are here no comments?

Is this mod or the Persona 3 mod multiplayer compatible?