The Witcher Adventure Mod 0.1.4

Published by davac222 on Sun, 09/03/2017 - 17:54
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If you ever thought that seeing monsters from The witcher series in minecraft, well, this is your lucky day!! This mod adds a lot of Mobs, armor,structures and other stuff from the witcher world. Explore the new dimensions - Continent, Vampire world and more. In this dimensions, you can find a lot of mobs from the witcher series like drowners, ghouls, Vampires and so on. There are also 2 new ores, a lot of new armors, silver swords and more!  


Blocks And Items

School of the cat basic set + basic silver sword

New materials : Dimeritium and Silver                                 



 New Dimesions and Mobs

The continent - basic dimesion with currently 2 biomes , almost all mobs are going to spawn here. Can be opened with Flint and Silver  

Ghoul- common and not so strong mob 

Alghoul - stronger ghoul

Drowner- Swampy medium creature 

Alp- a higher vampire, miniboss      

Mucknixer - Stronger drowner

 Future plans

 -adding a ton of new mobs

-new dimesion/s

-more sets of armors

-a lot of new silver swords and other weapons

-new structures 



Version 0.0.1   

-First version

Version 0.0.2

-added 2 new biomes - Swamp and Warzone 

-fixed the armor icons

-fixed drowner to spawn, he spawns only in the swamp

-Fixed Ghoul, Alghoul,Alp spawn rate

Version 0.1.3

-Fixed biomes to spawn only in new dimension

-Fixed school of the cat armor values

-Re-made ghoul and alghoul texture

-Made Silver and Dimeritium more rare

-Added Mucknixer 

Version 0.1.4

-Fixed Silver ore not dropping itself

Thx to Rensik for the help with textures.

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version