303craft 2

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In development
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I plan to make a complete mod for the build or survival by adding block decorative / utille / simplifying life / ect.
The novelties will be in the changelog
!Enjoy and have fun!

V1.0:Cobble Machine


V1.1:Sky land(coming soon)

Modification files
303craft 2 v1.0.jarUploaded on: 01/13/2018 - 13:51   File size: 123.5 KB

V1.0 add 2 items / 15 blocks

item: Upgradtus that allows to improve drilling machines____Diamond Nuggets

block: Flue in 4 version (brick / cobblestone / mossy cobblestone / iron)____Cave Block which allows to see the cave____Upgradtus Ore____Cobble Drilling Machine mine cobblestone once activated by the redstone it can be improved 3 times____Drilling Machine mine the block below it can be improved 3 times