Blaze Items Mod - Beta

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This mod adds new Blaze items! an excellent Mod if you want a new addition in Nether!



Fire Orb:

it serves to make most Mod items, use 5 Blaze powder to make this item


Blaze Sword:

Damage: 16

Durability: 2.456

if you right click somewhere, it explodes! when you create the item, explode! remember, with great powers comes great responsibilities!


Blaze Armor

This armor is stronger than diamond! also of various effects, which are: super jump, regeneration, endurance and resistance against fire!


Super Cooked Porkchop: 

Do not eat it! I will not say it again...




Sorry if my English is bad, I use Translator.


Modification files
Blaze Items Mod - Beta 3.0.jar - Blaze Items Mod - 1.12.2 - Beta 3.0Uploaded on: 01/24/2018 - 03:37   File size: 34.2 KB

you should probably make it weaker than diamond considering how easy you can get blaze rods once you get fire resistance potions