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Published by Gwami on Sat, 02/17/2018 - 17:11
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Have you ever dreaming about mod with meals in Minecraft? You haven't should dream! Beacuse now, dreams are reality! What is Exquiste Meals? It's a mode, made by me, what adds more food.

Currently mod has status "Alpha", but i think, that with you, the mod will be better. If you were interested about my mod, I will have someone to do. Yes, there is to do, but we can do it!

The mod is compatible with another mods e.g with food. Thanks to it's very comfortable.

What mod adds?

Mod adds food to Minecraft. (57 items, 45 food)

List of Food: 

- Apple juice

- Carrot juice

- Multivitamin juice 

- Hot chocolate

- Doughnut

- Cheese

- Seaweed/Cooked

- Sushi/Advanced

- Croissant

- Roasted Wheat

- Sausage

- Waffle

- Sandwiches (Beef, Chicken, Pork)

- Baked seeds

- Boiled egg

- cavior

- gummy

- cheese with worms

- gelatine

- lettuce

- dried melon

- worm/backed

- pearl fragment/pearl/golden pearl

- sieve normal/golden/diamond

- Bread with cheese

- Piece of cake

- Salad

- Chocolate

- Rise

- Fish filler/cooked

- Dried pumpkin

- Sunflower oil

- Sponge cake

- Yeast

- Tomato

- Chocolate Block

- Milk

- Pizza Margherita

- Great Pizza

- Wheat Flour

- Poppy seed

- Bowl with water/ big water bucket

- Rise plant/ Tomato plant/ Lettuce plant


If you're interested, give me a (points?) :).  From above, my english is very weak.

Modification files
Exquiste Meals 1.7.10 [1.1].zip - The mod :)222.52 KB