Blocks And Magic mod

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First version of mod blocks and magic.
This mod contains new Items, Crafting recipes, minerals, and things that will help you in your adventure in the world of minecraft
New Mineral: Amethyst, similar to diamond, but with less durability in tools and weapons
New blocks: Ore and amethyst block
New Foods: Cheese and cheese sandwich! My favorite!

Update 1.1:

New Items, Ores, Armors and Foods!

New Ore: Silver Ore-Similar to iron, but with less use in tools

New Ingot: Blazite or Blaze Powder Ingot-It is crafted when cooking a blaze powder in the furnace, You can craft armors and tools with this Ingot, similar to iron, but with some extra uses in tools and armor

New Food: Diamond Apple- It gives the player the effect of speed 2 for 30 seconds, increases his life by 100% giving him 10 extra hearts for 30 seconds, gives resistance 1 for 30 seconds and regeneration 3 for 5 seconds.

New Rare Item: Lucky seed: Put on the crafting table to get 3 gold nuggets

Fire Resistance rune: Give the player resistance against fire for 1 minute by right clicking, never run out!

Update 1.2-The Magic Runes Update:

A total of 6 runes were added, each with a different craft and its powers.

Retexturized all Armors

Retexturized Runes

New Biome: Corrupted Biome, in which Endermans, zombies and witches can appear, very dangerous in the early stages of play

New 4 Blocks: Cursed Dirt, Corrupted Stone, Corrupted Cobblestone and Corrupted Stonebricks

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Next  update: New Biome and recipes, Soon!!!!!

Recommended Mods: Nei Since it will help you see the elaboration of the items and Natures Compass, which will help you find the new biome

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