ELEMENTAL ORBS 2 --World of Magic--

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The main element of this mod are the elemental orbs. With them you can craft over 50 differewnt wands and  other cool stuff. Version 2.1.0 adds the abyss-dimension and the new end-boss.

This is an outdated Version of the Mod. The newest Version is ELEMENTAL ORBS 3 --Eternal Infinity---

Modification files
MOD_VERSION_2.1.0.jar - Abyss-Update1008.76 KB
MOD_VERSION2.2.0.jar - Nature-Update1008.76 KB
MOD_VERSION_2.3.0.jar - Astral-Update1008.76 KB
MOD_VERSION2.4.0.jar - Dungeon-Update1008.76 KB