Gloves n Armor

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Gloves adds in different types of elemental gloves along with a Leather Glove, Basic Glove and Power Glove.

This mod also adds in Magical Armour: Helmet(Night Vision) Breastplate(Strength) Leggings(Jump Boost) Boots(Speed).


To get the elemental Gloves you must right-click on certain blocks with the Power Glove:

Power Glove Ice: Ice Block

Power Glove Fire: Magma Block


Modification files
Gloves.jar - Gloves Version 1.0 MC1.12.21.68 MB
Gloves(1.01)[MC1.12.2].jar.jar - Gloves Version 1.0.1 MC1.12.283.88 KB

Version 1.0.1:

  • + Added Leather Glove
  • + Added Basic Glove
  • + Magical Armor
  • = Changed Power Glove Model, Texture and Recipe
  • = Changed Ice Glove Model and Texture
  • = Changer Fire Glove Model and Texture

Version 1:

  • + Added Power Glove
  • + Added Ice Glove
  • + Added Fire Glove

the mod was very well done, unfortunately has little content to have so many megabytes, the gloves were sensational, the skin pretty beautiful, the shots were customized, and the way to get them from more adventure to mod, but I had a problem of not I managed to shoot her in survival and also I think you need to add more thing in the mod

congratulations nice mod man

I don't downloaded the mod , so I can know if have right but it's seems like the gloves are only items you hold in the hand , and not an awesome item you can place in the inventory in a slot for the gloves .
It seems like you can't hold a sword and a glove in same time on the same hand.