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hi everyone

this is my first mod. this mod contain :

weapons,mob and boss , dimensions ,blocks, items:

-blocks: clear glass   (black concrete and glass pane )/ solid block (obsidian and stone ) ironite ore (rare)

-weapons and armor : ironite stuff (sword , full armor) when you craft a ironite stuff this same stuff got enchant , ultimate sword, magic wand (use iron nuggets to shoot) and death guardian's weapon (lootable on mod mobs)

-dimension: the dead world (desert and all time night )

-mobs : ultimate boss (very hard kill in 1 hit ) (drop ultimate sword), thieft (drop stone sword(s) ) , mage (drop magic wand) death guardian(drop his weapon) (some bugs with death guardian )

-items: mini cake (food craft with milk weat egg sugar apple and melon) , death (drop on death guardian) (idk if the looted death key can turn on portal)

ironite nuggets (drop on ironite ore) ironite gem (made with 9 ironite nuggets ) ,poison bucket (doesn't work )(reverse bucket)



-armor : use diamond stuff (helmet : make the helmet patern with ironite gem and in the 5th case drop diamond helmet) (body : make the patern of body with ironite gem and place in 5th case a diamond body) (pants : make a pants with ironite gem and place in the 2nd case a diamond pants) (boots make boots patern with ironite and in the 8th case place diamond boots)

-clear glass (alternate black concrete and glass pane with chest patern 4 th and 6 are glass pane)

-solid block (same things with clear glass but concrete is obsidian and glass pane stone an 6th case fill with a dragon egg)

-mini cake (craft start to 4th case (ingredients in order : sugar apple melon weat milk egg)

-ironite sword sword patern but stick is a diamond sword , 2nd an 5th case are ironite gems)

this mod can be under developpment and i can add your idea (if the idea isn't to complex). enjoy gameplay and note this mod . 

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