Bonus Nether Terrain + Sand Utilities

Published by lolagain on Thu, 02/07/2019 - 23:58
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These mods are both in the same workspace, but are mostly different

Bonus Nether Terrain Generation:

 - Adds different forms of netherrack

 - Adds extreme glowstone ore that spawns in glowstone clusters and drops a lot of glowstone

 - Adds an extremely rare ore that spawns in soulsand

Sand Utilities:

 - Like Sandy Ores, but only with sand, and blocks only spawn in sand

 - Added sand ores for more items

 - Added 2 extra plants

Modification files
freshsand.jar - Yes, this is the mod325.55 KB

v1 - This will only get changed for any bugs, or mods that were inside that weren't supposed to be

*This time I made sure that the mod is actually good enough to work normally, before any major updates if I add one.

Extra Stuff

(Term - Description (spawning)

LavaRack (Lava Netherrack) - Was going to be added, but the lava never spawns unless the block is blown up

Cracked Netherrack - Like netherrack, but break much faster, drops netherrack (25/9)

Dark Netherrack - Takes longer to break than netherrack, drops itself (10/24)

Magical Netherrack - Has a particle effect to it, drops 2 netherrack (22/5)

Explosive Netherrack - Makes you more careful when mining (30/3)

Super Glowstone - Similar to glowstone, drops 32 glowstone dust (30/5)

Nether Star Ore (Soul Sand) - Extremely rare, due to the small amount of soul sand in the nether compared to netherrack, drops 1 nether star (1/3)

Diamond Obsidian - 10% chance of replacing obsidian when placed, drops 1 diamond and 1 obsidian (30/6, but obsidian can only be created while the chunks are generating, so it actually doesn't spawn)


Sadly, I don't know how to get biomes to spawn in the nether, so I didn't much further than this, also, structure spawning is odd, and it will go down 1-2 layers, while using the replacing blocks with empty space if there is air in the structure, so no trees :(


Fresh Sand - Not found in creative inventory, drops itself, can be used similarly to wool in vanilla recipes (30/16)

Coal Sand - Sandy version of coal ore, drops 1 coal (30/8)

Iron Sand - Sandy version of iron ore, drops itself, can be smelted into 1 ingot (15/8)

Gold Sand - Sandy version of gold ore, drops itself, can be smelted into 1 ingot (3/8)

Diamond Sand - Sandy version of diamond ore, drops 1 diamond (1/8)

Emerald Sand - Sandy version of emerald ore, drops 1 emerald (2/3)

Redstone Sand - Sandy version of redstone ore, drops 4-5 redstone (8/8)

Lapis Sand - Sandy version of lapis ore, drops 4-9 lapis (4/6)

Blaze Sand - A bit much, drops 1 blaze rod (4/8)

Chorus Sand - This time it can be eaten, drops 1 chorus fruit (2/8)

Ender Sand - Pretty simple, drops 1 ender pearl (1/8)

Fermented Sand - Just for that annoying recipe, drops 1 fermented spider eye (5/6)

Ghast Sand - You'll never need this many, drops 1 ghast tear (2/7)

Glow Sand - Glows by itself, glowing might be a bit bugged, might need an update, as in make it fall, drops 2-4 glowstone dust (5/8)

Magma Sand - No, not that magma, drops 1 magma cream, not 4 (2/8)

Prismarine Sand - The first one, drops 1 prismarine shard (3/8)

Quartz Sand - Somehow wasn't included in the base ores set, and got stuck in this alphabetical mess. Sandy version or nether quartz ore, drops 1 nether quartz (15/7)

Slime Sand - It would've been considered too dry, unlike the swamp, drops 1 slime ball (3/8)

Nether Star Ore (Sand) (Star Sand) - Not much different from the soulsand variation, drops 1 nether star (1/3)

(Nether) Wart Sand - More like a full grown nether wart plant, drops 3 nether warts (15/3)

Bone Sand - Start of set #2, which I thought of after implementing the first set of sand ores, drops 1 bone (2/16)

Feather Sand - #2 of set #2, drops 1 feather (5/8)

Leather Sand - When the old desert dwellers drop their stuff that they usually wear, drops 1 leather (3/8)

Meat Sand - Are you SURE it's sanitary? Drops 1 steak that somehow found itself covered in sand (10/8)

Prismarine Sand - The second one, drops 1 (group of) prismarine crystals (4/8)

Snow Sand - SNOW IN THE DESERT!?!?!?!!?!? Drops 4 snowballs (1/8)

String Sand - Looks nothing like the others, drops 1 string (2/7)

Totem Sand - When OP becomes uOP, not really, drops 1 totem of undying (0.5/3)

Plant of Blackness - Smelts into its blackness

White Cane - Not very different from the other, converts into sugar cane like sugar cane converts to sugar