Wild West Mod

Published by Zboi7667 on Wed, 08/15/2018 - 03:16
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Find The Taiga Biome where the wild westerns will live! Get in firefights with your friends or Roleplay in this Wild Western Environment! This mod is still in development so expect bugs and updates but in the mean time, have fun with the wild west mod!

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8/12/2018 7:57 PM: Development Stage Released

8/12/2018 9:32 PM: Alpha Stage Released + Backpack Added

8/12/2018 10:17 PM: Added New Drink + New Ranged Item + New Recipes

8/13/2018 12:05 PM: Added Copper Blocks, Ingots, Ore + Throwing Knives + Knives

8/13/2018 12:14 PM: Re-Released Mod On Website

8/13/2018 5:36 PM: Added Blacksmiths Hammer

8/13/2018 8:12 PM: Added Crates

8/14/2018 8:18 PM: Re-Uploaded Mod

8/18/2018 6:33 PM: Added Hunting Rifle

8/26/2018 3:52 PM: Added Recipe Board On Forums + Fully Released