A Ridiculous Amount of Sickles

Published by sssssh on Thu, 08/23/2018 - 07:26
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What is in the mod?

Did you wonder whether I was going to add more sickles to my original sickle mod? Well I did it! This is "A Ridiculous Amount of Sickles". As the name suggests this mod is about sickles. But not just five sickles - there are 23 sickles! This is the list:

- Sand sickle

- Ender sickle

- Ink sickle

- Nether brick sickle

- Gold sickle

- Triple sickle

- Nether quartz sickle

- Iron sickle

- Lava sickle

- Double sickle

- Wheat sickle

- Glass sickle

- Lapis sickle

- Ice sickle

- Cactus sickle

- Emerald sickle

- Egg sickle

- Wood sickle

- Water sickle

- Stone sickle 

- Diamond sickle

- Dirt sickle

- Endstone sickle

Also note that the lava sickle and the water sickle can place lava/water on the ground when right click is pressed.


Feel free to use JEI or NEI for the recipes because for some reason my image links won't show the image so... yeah.

Please comment any ideas you have!

Modification files
ARidiculousAmountOfSickles.jar - A ridiculous amount of sickles v 1.0.0144.96 KB