Rings Utilities

Published by HekiCZ on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 19:10
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Do you want rings in Minecraft? Yes? Download my mod and you will have rings in Minecraft.


  • Ringonium ingot - You get it when you smelt Ringonium ore in furnace
  • Fiber - Destroy grass to get it. You can craft string from it
  • Ring - It is a basic resource for every ring
  • Ring of Bat - You can fly if you have it in off hand
  • Ring of Fish - You will have unlimited oxygen underwater if you have it in inventory
  • Ring of Blaze - You will have permanent fire resistance if you have it in inventory

If you have RING OF FISH and RING OF BLAZE at the same time, you will get Blindness and Slowness

Weapons and tools:

  • Shuriken ring - Melee weapon, 5 attack damage, 1004 durability


  • Ring merchant - It spawns in overworld (It is useless, yet)


  • Advanced Cobblestone Generator (ACG) - This machine generate 1 cobblestone per tick
  • Ringonium ore - It spawns in overworld


Modification files
Rings.jarUploaded on: 11/25/2018 - 13:52   File size: 82.73 KB

Latest version:

1.2 - New name Ring Utilities

      - Removed Ring press, now you must make Ring in crafting table

      - My mod now have own creative tab

      - Added Fiber

      - Added Shuriken ring 

      - Added mob Ring merchant

      - Added Advanced cobblestone generator

Old versions:

1.1 - Removed Ringonium

      - Changed texture of Ring press

      - Now you will get negative effects when you will have Ring of Fish and Ring of Blaze in inventory at the same time

1.0 - Mod published