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To find out recipes, craft a Knowledge Book:

  Crafting Table               
Green Dye


Green Dye






There are 9 new Races added by MineRaces.

Human: Normal Minecraft player. No special abilities. Can eat anything.

Recommended Playstyle: Any

Dwarf: Mines quicker than normal players, but loses hunger quicker too. Does more damage with axes and pickaxes. Eats special rock foods.

Recommended Playstyle: Miner

Orc: Has strength, but is unlucky and loses hunger quickly. Does more damage with stone and iron tools and weapons. Is a carnivore.

Recommended Playstyle: Farmer/Nomad

Ghost: Invisible and has night vision, but is more unlucky. Does MUCH more damage with hoes. Eats special magic foods.

Recommended Playstyle: Nomad

Creeperling: Has night vision. Can use a special ability item 'Atomic Blast'. This creates a huge explosion without damaging the player. Is a carnivore.

Recommended Playstyle: Nomad

Troll: Has health boost and strength, but is slow. Can use special ability item 'Iron Skin', which gives high resistance and fire resistance but makes you even slower, and weaker. Eats special rock foods.

Recommended Playstyle: Miner

Werewolf: Gains night vision, jump boost, strength and speed at night. Is an omnivore at day, and a carnivore at night.

Recommended Playstyle: Any

Avian: High speed. Can use special ability item 'Feathered Flight'. Is an omnivore.

Recommended Playstyle: Any

Pigman: Slightly Damage-Resistant and quite lucky, but does less damage. Can use special ability item 'Nether Pig'. Is a herbivore.

Recommended Playstyle: Farmer


-When you start a game (or continue on any old world) you gain an exclamation mark (just to attract your attention). When you right click with it, you can choose what race you want to be. Any time you play on that world again, you can re-choose your race, but you lose your special abilities.


-All special ability items listed above

-Rock Foods:

-Cobble Gobble: Made with 9 cobblestone, restores 1 hunger point.

-Diorite Delight: Made with 9 diorite, restores 2 hunger points.

-Granite Crunch: Made with 9 granite, restores 2 hunger points.

-Andesite Delight: Made with 9 andesite, restores 2 hunger points.

-Energy Hyper-Rock: Made with 1 granite crunch surrounded with 4 redstone dust. Restores 6 hunger points and gives speed.

-Rich Dwarf's Rock: Made with 1 diorite delight surround with 4 gold nuggets, 4 diamond. Restores 20 hunger points and gives absorption.

-Sandstone Snack: Made with 9 sandstone, restores 1 hunger point.

-Coal Cake: Made with 1 andesite delight surrounded with 4 coal. Restores 4 hunger points.

-Creamed Ice: Made with 1 ice, packed ice or snow with 1 milk bucket on top, and 3 snowballs on the other sides. Restores 8 hunger points but gives slowness.

-Carbon Cola: Made with 1 coal block, with 2 coal cakes on the left and right sides, 1 bottle underneath and 1 creamed ice on top. Restores 7 hunger points and gives strength.

-Magic Foods:

-Rune Soup: Made with 1 bowl, 3 wild runeflower and 3 desert runewing. Restores 6 hunger points and gives regeneration.

-Magic Salsa: Made with1 enchanted spiced herb, 2 wild runeflower, 2 desert runewing and 1 bottle. Restores 8 hunger points and gives fire resistance.

-Enchanted Spiced Herbs: Made with 3 wild runeflower, 2 desert runewing and 2 seeds.

-Misc Foods:

-These foods can be eaten by anyone!

-Forest Herbs: Made with 4 wild runeflower and 5 seeds. Restores 3 hunger points.

-Desert Herbs: Made with 4 desert runewing and 5 cactus blocks. Restores 3 hunger points.



-Wild Runeflower: Common plant found growing on dirt and grass.

-Desert Runewing: Uncommon plant found growing in columns (like sugar cane) in deserts and other similar biomes.

How Does the Diet System Work?

Depending on their diet, different races will get sick by holding them. They have nausea and lose hunger quickly and then take extra damage after stopping holding them. They can still eat the food, but the bad effects outweigh the good ones. Certain foods can be eaten by anyone, including golden apples, golden carrots, and some others.


Any ideas for new races or features, just comment.

All planned features are in the changelog.

Note: go here for the forum page.


-Knowledge Book has no NBT tags, so is useless.

Modification files
MineRaces [MC 1.12.2] V1.0.0.jar - MineRaces V1.0.0 for MC 1.12.2Uploaded on: 10/20/2018 - 16:51   File size: 68.23 KB
MineRaces [MC 1.12.2] V1.0.2.jar - MineRaces V1.0.2 for MC 1.12.2Uploaded on: 10/21/2018 - 14:38   File size: 134.06 KB
MineRaces [MC 1.12.2] V1.0.3.jar - MineRaces V1.0.3 for MC 1.12.2Uploaded on: 10/27/2018 - 15:50   File size: 157.64 KB
MineRaces [MC 1.12.2] V1.0.4.jar - MineRaces V1.0.4 for MC 1.12.2Uploaded on: 10/31/2018 - 16:53   File size: 165.99 KB

V1.0.0 released with 8 races and 4 items.

V1.0.2 released with the combined updates of planned v1.0.1 and v1.0.2. Race specific diet system, 11 new foods and 2 new plants. New balancing changes as well. The race selection screen now has no conflicting text.

V1.0.3 released with 4 new rock foods, knowledge book recipe and slight changes to some foods. Also changed creative tab name to new mod name.

V1.0.4 released with 1 race and 1 item (and a LOT of balancing)


-Make Nether Pig use more hunger

-Racial NPCs and villages

-Fishman Race with water breathing (waiting for 1.13 Mcreator)

-A lot of balancing

-Variable Improvement

-Golem Race with Magic Diet

-Race Based Biomes

Cool idea, it's very original :)
PS: if the race is stored in a global variable, then it is shared between worlds and is reset when you close minecraft :( (it's not your fault, I was just making you aware of this bug)
Sorry for bad English

Yes I realised this (and it would also not be multiplayer friendly) but I couldn't find any way round it. I had a lot of trouble even making it possible to choose different races on different worlds. I am waiting for an Mcreator variable update to help improve this. :(

The forum topic relating to this mod can be found here: https://mcreator.net/forum/45018/mineraces-suggestions-issues-and-more

for some reason the link doesn't work when I put it on the page.

It's unfortunate that Mcreator doesn't allow for a variable to be kept between sessions. In an upcoming mod I'm creating I'm adding a set of advancements to keep track of progress.