Subterranean Switcheroo

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The most popular MCreator mod on Curseforge for 1.12.2 makes its debut here too! Without any further ado, welcome to Subterranean Switcheroo!

Please, if you can, download this from and leave your comments on our Curseforge page, as it is kept more consistently up to date, and I actually check for comments regularly.

Primarily, this mod was made so that you can simply drop it into a large modpack without having to change a whole lot of recipes or modify worldgen too much, and the vanilla resources' appearance rates will be more in line with how much of them mods will demand, in a larger tech-mod focused setting. Except leather. You're on your own there. I'd recommend Terraqueous for that one.

Let's get a lil' bit more specific on features:

Fusion Ores:
Fusion ores are pretty simple. A Red-Iron ore, for example, can be turned into Redstone or Iron, depending on which one you need. Note that all fusion ores are immune to both Fortune and Ore Processing, so as to allow players to use these ores freely, rather than holding onto them until they have the perfect ore processing setup. They also do not replace vanilla ores, but generate in addition to them, meaning that this will overall increase the amount of these resources available to you. 

Nether things & other ores:
All three fans of my previous mods will be pleased to note that modified versions of Nicer Nether and Obsidian Ore have also made it into SubSwitch. Obisidian ore looks and behaves much nicer now, and Nicer Nether is back with a slightly more vanilla feel, and all of the "nether survival" stuff removed. Enjoy some decoration blocks and Netherrack Tools in this version. Also, clay ore. Because other mods added clay underground, but not using a pickaxe on it always felt weird to me. It's balanced, I promise.

Finally, I've also added two tiers of sifting tools, made with wood and Iron, which can be used to turn Gravel into flint, and also to process blue flowers that spawn around the world into Lapis Lazuli at a very slow rate. Also good for getting a little extra Redstone out of fusion ores, and breaking obsidian into chunks. The Wooden ones break pretty darn fast, while the Iron ones will never break at all.

Click the images tab for a few pics ;)

You are free to put this in any modpack you desire, with or without direct permission from me. If I ask you to remove this mod from your pack for any reason, you are required to comply, although I have no reason to believe that I will do this. You can use this in Private packs too, of course.

 All the documentation you need should come from item descriptions and JEI, but please contact me if something is unclear.

Report bugs and the like in the comments here, and before you say it, I know the Lapis Lotus should be rarer, this is as rare as I am able to make it right now. :(

If you would like to offer a lang file for your language, I am happy to incorporate it.

Modification files
SubSwitch1.1.0.jar - Latest version. Check out our curseforge for older releases.231.53 KB

Changelogs are available on Curseforge.