Published by The_Pup111 on Sat, 12/01/2018 - 18:16
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Adds More To The Empty Nether! (There's Two Nether's.) Such As, Geysers, Lava Monsters (Coming Soon), Glowstone Ore, Burntlands, And Much More! 

What the Items do, Glow Shard, Material, Doesn't Craft Anything Yet * Nether Reeds, Material, Crafts Red Paper * Red Paper, Material, Doesn't Craft Anything Yet * Lava Pellet, Material, Crafts Lava Eye, Lava SwordLava Eye, Material, Crafts Lava Stone * Lava Pickaxe, Tool, Has Efficiency 3  

  (In Early Stages.) For Minecraft 1.12.2

Its HARD And I Mean HARD To Make A Nether Mod, So I'm Leaving It Here, New Mod Coming Jan 5 2019, Look At This Link ( ) Its Out Now!  

Modification files

1.5.0 Change Log - Added Giut Mob - Added Nether Spikes Boime. (Not Spawning) - Added Glow Forest (Not Spawning) - Added Lava Pickaxe - Added 2 Achievements 

2.0.0 Change Log - Added 1 Achievement - Added Ret - Added Nether Lava - Added Ret Skin - Added Raw Ret - Added Cooked Ret - Giut Feather - Added Lava Sword
2.1.1 Change Log - Added Lava Ore - Added Nether Field (Not Spawning)  - Added Nether Grass Block - Added Nether Chest - Added Iceher - Added 1 Achievement - Added Ice Water - Added Nether Mite
1.2.0 Change Log - Added Snowy Netherrack - Added Snowy Nether Field - Added Rackman