Clay Decorative Blocks

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In development
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This mod adds "carved" variants of most "terracotta" blocks in 1.12.2

To obtain them, you will need to craft a Block Carver;

Block Carver recipe:

C= crafting table; c= copper ingot; i = iron ingot; s = cobblestone;

0 0 0

s C s

c  i  c


Once this block has been placed, simply insert the terracotta block you wish to carve into its inventory, and click the button.

Modification files
ClayExpanded_1-12-2.jar - More decorative blocks, for Minecraft 1.12.2323.3 KB

There's a mod-breaking bug that needs fixing. Working on that now. Will update the file when it's done.

Nice concept, could you add a bit more depth to the textures? they seem kind of flat. If you want a good texture editor, use