Hospital Mod - Theatre Pack

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The Hospital Mod pack adds various detailed medical/clinical items into Minecraft, allowing you to create a realistic hospital in your Minecraft world.


In real life, I work in a hospital and have wanted to build a detailed hospital in Minecraft. I wanted to make it as realistic as possible however there are not many mods available that have the items I want, enter The Hospital Mod.


Because this is a detailed mod pack, the models take some time to create, therefore the mod will be released in stages based on category of items in the mod (or clinical area/speciality if you like). The first pack to be released will be the Theatres pack (see below).


Hospital Mod:- Theatres Pack


The Theatres Pack adds in numerous items from the Operating Room including; 


  • Surgical Light
  • Operating Table
  • Anaesthetic Machine
  • Scrub Sink
  • Sterile Cabinet and Counters
  • Sterile Trolley
  • Wall Mounted Storage Tubs
  • Theatre Workstation Trolley
  • and more to come


Please note: none of the items have any function within Minecraft, they are for aesthetic purposes only. I would like to add functions but unfortunately I am new to modding and cannot code. 

I have play your mod and I was so happy I love the design and the idear of your mod so that find I so good and beautiful make more please and I give you for this mod 1 million dimands

I do not know why this mod is not mod of the week like ur other Hospital mod packs someone should nominate it.