Steve Mod

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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

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The mod. adds new types of Steves e.g. Steve personally, Zombie Steve, Steve Skeleton, 
there is also a ghost Steve that only appears when she kills Steve or dies alone. The Classic Pig can be ridden and is 100% controllable if you like the mod. Then leave a vote there or show it with a comment, if you still have wishes or suggestions for improvement, write it in the

Modification files
Steve Mod 1.12.2.jar - Steve Mod 1.12.2175.38 KB
Steve Mod 1.16.5 Update_1.jar - Steve Mod 1.16.5 Update169.7 KB

Steve Mod 1.16.5 Update

-Updated auf 1.16.5

-addierter Zombie Steve

-added Skeleton Steve

-Angry Steve

-Nether Steve

-Ender Steve hat jetzt leuchtende Augen

-Gast Steve, wir fliegen jetzt und greifen in der Luft an

-das klassische Schwein reitet jetzt Bar

-added Ghost Steve

-der Geist Steve wird nicht gehört, bis der Steve stirbt

description needs to be english (even if it's horribly translated), seems like a good mod (from what i can tell) other than that (can only give a review with an english description)