Void Equipment

Submitted by JuiceX on Fri, 02/08/2019 - 21:45
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The Void Equipment mod is centered around Items and Tools made out of or linking to The Void. All of the items are insanely powerful or durable, but that comes at a cost. To even get one Void Ingot, you need a DIAMOND PICKAXE! And, the ore is found right near bedrock! Venture on, because a journey to The Void  awaits!

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V 1.0

-Void Ore. Can only be mined with a Diamond Pickaxe. It drops one Void Ingot. This ore is found near bedrock.

-Void Ingots. Can be used to craft a Void Sword.

-Void Sword. Crafted like a normal sword, but using Void Ingots. It does insane damage.

V 1.1

-The Void Dimension. The portal is 4x4 standard nether portal design, using Void Blocks as it's frame. Void Blocks are crafted by placing a Void Ingot in every slot of the crafting table surface. The portal is lit using a Void Artifact, crafted by placing one Void Block in the center of the crafting table surface, and placing four Void Ingots around it, like a plus sign.

-Void Armor. Crafted like normal armor, but using Void Ingots. Insanely Protective

-Void Ore is now found closer to bedrock than before, and it's spawn rarity is higher.

V 1.2

-Void Ore rarity lowered.

-Added Void Pickaxe/Shovel/Hoe.

-Retextured Void Ore.

V 1.3

-Void Ore rarity increased, and it's harder, so it takes longer to mine.

-Added Void Axe.

-Added a new sword, Void Sword Nova. To craft it, you craft like a normal sword, except the ingots are Void Swords, and you put two Void Artifacts on both sides of the middle sword. It is extremely powerful.

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Submitted by Klemen on Sat, 02/09/2019 - 19:51

Please improve your mod picture. Make sure it does not contain hot bars and other Minecraft GUI elements. Thanks!

ok atleast you know the void is purple and not black