Void Dive Mod

Published by JuiceX on Fri, 02/08/2019 - 21:45
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The Void Equipment mod is centered around a mysterious dimension known as The Void. This dimension came out of nowhere, corrupting a part of the earth and nether, and breaking it off into a new dimension. Many items can be made from Void Materials, and all of the items are insanely powerful or durable, but that comes at a cost. To even get one Void Ingot, you need a diamond pickaxe.  And, the ore is found right near bedrock, and it's really rare, like it took me at least 5 mins in creative to find it, but your luck may differ. Venture on, because a journey to The Void awaits!

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In development
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V 1.0

-Void Ore. Can only be mined with a Diamond Pickaxe. It drops one Void Ingot. This ore is found near bedrock.

-Void Ingots. Can be used to craft a Void Sword.

-Void Sword. Crafted like a normal sword, but using Void Ingots. It does insane damage.

V 1.1

-The Void Dimension. The portal is 4x4 standard nether portal design, using Void Blocks as it's frame. Void Blocks are crafted by placing a Void Ingot in every slot of the crafting table surface. The portal is lit using a Void Artifact, crafted by placing one Void Block in the center of the crafting table surface, and placing four Void Ingots around it, like a plus sign.

-Void Armor. Crafted like normal armor, but using Void Ingots. Insanely Protective

-Void Ore is now found closer to bedrock than before, and it's spawn rarity is higher.

V 1.2

-Void Ore rarity lowered.

-Added Void Pickaxe/Shovel/Hoe.

-Retextured Void Ore.

V 1.3

-Void Ore rarity increased, and it's harder, so it takes longer to mine.

-Added Void Axe.

-Added a new sword, Void Sword Nova. To craft it, you craft like a normal sword, except the ingots are Void Swords, and you put two Void Artifacts on both sides of the middle sword. It is extremely powerful.

V 1.4

-Added Void Bricks, which is made by placing Void Ingots around a brick block in a chest pattern.

-Ionized Void Ingots, smelt Void Ingots to make them.

-Ionized Void Sword. Use Ionized Void Ingots instead of normal Void Ingots.

-Changed mod description and version in the forge menu.


Developer Submitted by Klemen on Sat, 02/09/2019 - 19:51

Please improve your mod picture. Make sure it does not contain hot bars and other Minecraft GUI elements. Thanks!

ok atleast you know the void is purple and not black