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English(English translation may not be 100% correct):

This mod adds boron mineral and items that can be made from boron mineral to the game.

boron ore: gives boron dust
boron dust: It is used in making boron fuel, boron crystal, boron coated obsidian, boron sand, boron, boron lamp boron clay, boron clay ball and boron covered wood.
boron fuel: it is 4 times more efficient than coal and is used in making boron fuel blocks
boron crystal: used to make boron items, boron armor, boron block and boron
boron armors: all armors give the effect of resistance (1) and fire resistance (1) when worn
boron block: can be used in beacons
boron-coated obsidian: the most durable block after bedrock(can't be blown by the wither)
boron sand: boron glass can be made from boron sand
boron glass: protects from explosions and is durable than normal glass
boron: good effects when drink
boron lamp: (no different from regular redstone lamp for now)
boron clay ball: come out of boron clay and used to make boron bricks
boron clay: gives boron clay ball
boron brick: used in making boron bricks
boron bricks: protects from explosions and is durable
boron coated plank: burning time is longer than normal plank and can be used as fuel

Modification files
Borcraft 1.15.2 .jar - Borcraft 1.15.2Uploaded on: 10/19/2020 - 10:03   File size: 428.38 KB

maybe you could add some more ores, or a new way to get this boron gem, and also the textures for the armor and the blocks realy looks like iron, so improve the textures, but nice mod!