Cherry World Mod

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 Cherry World Mod Alpha1


Mod items:

  • Cherries - food
  • Cherry seeds - unfunctional at moment, in further it will can be placed how as block and it will grow into a cherry tree sapling.
  • Cherry tree sapling - a simple flower at the moment, in further it will can grow into a cherry tree how as other saplings.

Mod blocks:

  • Cherry tree log - a simple log, it has three variations: looking at north-south, east-west and up-down.
  • Cherry planks - are planks, from cherry tree log. Are wood but haven't some characteristics: function as fuel, burn with fire or lava and craft wooden tools and items.
  • Cherry plank slabs - top and bot slabs.
  • Cherry crafting table - a useless crafting table only for decoration. In further it will funcion as a crafting table.
  • Cherry tree leaves - leaves/sakura flowers.


-I know that in the images are missing the cherries and their seeds, other items in the mod... sorry :!

Any bug you find, please tell me in the comments :)

Hey, i now don't update my mod but i also don't know why :v

Modification files
Cherry World b1.jar - First alpha 1!95.36 KB

Mod release!

This mod now has:

  • Cherry trees - Logs (looking sides and top), pink leaves(cherry tree flowers without leaves) and sapling (useless at moment).
  • Cherry tree wood blocks - Crafting table (useless at moment), planks and slabs (top and bot).
  • Cherries (food) and cherry seeds (useless - in a further it will can be place as block and grow to a sapling). 


Any bug you find, please tell me in the comments :)