SuperPower Craft

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This Is A Fun Mod You Can Play With Your Friends Also You Can Make Fun Minecraft Videos With This Mod. Enjoy The Mod. Cool Things You Can Expect From This Mod Is Cool Super Powers Like Super Speed, Fire, Lightning, ETC. This Mod Also Adds Cool New Structure Like Power Structures Witch There Is One Of All Of These For Each Power. And In The Future Cooler Structures.  

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
SuperPower Craft V0.1.0_0.jar - SuperPower Craft V0.1.0467.9 KB
SuperPower Craft V0.1.1.jar - SuperPower Craft V0.1.1734.8 KB
SuperPower Craft V0.1.2.jar - SuperPower Craft V0.1.2956.06 KB

Changes For V0.1.2

1. Added Power World Portal Make Frame With End Bricks
2. Added Way To Craft The Lighter For Power World (Power Key (Gold In A Line Going Up))
3. Added Achievement For Going To Power World
4. Added Biome To Power World (Hot Biome)
5. Added New Block (Burnt Log (Put This In Your Crafting UI Or Crafting Table To Make Wood))
6. Added New Block (Burnt Grass)
7. Added New Block (Burnt Dirt)
8. Added Biome To Power World (Plain Biome )
9. Added New Block (Power Core)
10. Added Achievement For Getting Power Core
11. Updated GUI For Pressing H (GUI Only Opens When In Creative)
12. Added New Biome (Ice Biome)
13. Added New Block (Ice Grass)
14. Added New Block (Ice Dirt)
15. Added New Plant (Ice Plant (When You Put This In A Crafting Table You Can Make Ice))
16. Added New Plant (Fire Plant (When You Put This In A Crafting Table You Can Make Blaze Powder))
17. Added New Power (Water Power (Dive, Water Bullets))
18. Added New Item (Water Arrow (Crafted Like An Arrow But Instead Of Flint It A Water Bucket))
19. Added New Power (God Power (God Powers))
20. Updated All Power Moves That Give You A Potion Effects
21. Changed Texture Of (Earth Move)
22. Added Power Blocks For (Water Power and God Power)
23. Added Structures For (Water Power(100) and God Power(10))
24. Changed How You Get The Powers For (Power Blocks)
25. Added New Block (Power Box (Power Core)