Rose Thorn

Submitted by Jaco_wacko on Sat, 04/06/2019 - 19:44
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~~ 3 Mobs and 1 Boss (Bosses in bold) ~~

  • Yeti Scout (Spawns in frozen wastelands, drops yeti fur)
  • Yeti Swordsman (Spawned by the Yeti King, drops yeti fur and ice swords)
  • Yeti King (Spawned with the Yeti Battle Sign)
  • Albino Yeti (Rarely spawns in frozen wastelands, drops albino yeti fur)

~~ 2 Ores (Each with their own tool and armor sets) ~~

  • Heartstone (Found only in jungles, equivalent to iron but has regenerative properties)
  • Brigite (Found only in icy biomes, requires a diamond pickaxe to mine but is stronger than diamond, pronounced bridge-ite)
  • Tungsten (Requires a birgite pickaxe to mine)

~~ 1 Unique Biome ~~

  • Frozen Wasteland (Covered in ice and snow, and filled with yetis!)

~~ 9 New Flowers ~~

  • Paeonia (Spawns only in forest hills, creates pink dye)
  • Rose (Spawns in every biome, creates red dye)
  • Cyan Rose (Spawns in every biome, slightly rarer than the red rose, creates cyan dye)
  • Bellflower (Spawns in birch forests, creates yellow dye)
  • Cloudbloom (Spawns in extreme hills, creates light gray dye)
  • Red, Orange, Yellow Firebloom (Spawns only in normal forest biomes, create red, orange, or yellow dye)
  • Voidbloom (Spawns in swamps, creates gray dye)

~~ Plus 14 new advancements, 4 armor sets and 139 mod elements ~~

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
  • 0406c
    • Yeti Battle Sign no longer spawns the Yeti King inside a block
  • 0406b
    • Yeti King now drops and Ice Sword as a common drop
    • Yeti King can now open and close doors
  • 0406a
    • Initial release
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