Survival Expanded 2

Published by DroidX1 on Sun, 04/28/2019 - 16:15
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Welcome To Survival Expanded 2

From 50+ mod elements to just about 110+, This Update Brings Minecraft A Ton Of different Options


This Was Originally An Update For My previous Mod, But I Thought It Was Big Enough For Its Own

Original Here

This Is Pretty Much A Massive Overhaul For The Mod

For Further Details, Check Out The Changelog

Try To Leave A Comment About Future Updates Or Bugs

(i recommend Just enough items for the recipes)

Modification files
Survival Expanded 2.jar - Survival Expanded 2.0.0387.24 KB
Survival Expanded 2.0.1.jar - Survival Expanded 2.0.1386.16 KB
Survival Expanded 2.0.2.jar - Survival Expanded 2.0.2389.78 KB


Added Bamboo Block

Added Added a Light Pod Pickaxe

Added Light Pod Plates

Changed Light Pod Helmet Recipe

Changed Sifter Recipe From Bamboo to Sticks

Bamboo Grows Way Faster

Tons Of Retextures


-Retextured A BUNCH

-Edited Some GUIs

-New Item-Dried Flesh

cook rotten flesh in a furnace



-multiple resprites to older and newer items

-corn/popcorn rebalanced

-fixed purifier visual glitch


all The Changes From 1

-Retextured  Almost Everything in The Mod

Now For The Massive Amounts Of Changes


Now Can Be Turned Into sticks

Now A Decent Fuel Source

Now Is Replantable And Farmable


ValeTern Is Now Slightly Less Bright

winterVale Mushrooms Are Now Replantable And Farmable

Now Used In The Light Pod Helmet Recipe

--Packed Snow

stronger Snow Blocks

made from 4 snow blocks


Cattails Can Be Found Randomly In The Swamplands

They Drop stalks And Seeds, And rarely The stem

They are Farmable


Found Randomly In The Forest

Right Click To harvest

Can Drop Corn

Use The Pocket Knife with The Corn To Get Seeds

--Poisonous Stem Sword

Made From 2 Cattail Stems And A stick

Has Little Durability

6 Damage and Poisons enemies

--Cracker And sifter

Percentage Chances Are Now Fixed


Less rewarding

Now Less Common

--Light Pod

The shells Can Now Be Used For The Light Pod Helmet

Helmet Gives Night Vision


Blowgun Now shoots Farther

Added A Ton Of New Advancements

Added Cooked Eggs

Cracker And Sifter Have Been Fixed

Removed NightShade Biome

Removed Slowness On Natural Surfaces

Can Craft Water buckets From a Bucket, Snow Block and Torch