Shadow Mod Beta

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You usually play minecraft and have fun, mine some ores and do your ordinary stuff. But Something.... Something Has been working in the shadows.


This Mod is Beta (0.6.0)

Adds 2 Bosses

Adds 8 Mobs

Adds 3 New Armor and Tool Sets + 2 Bonus Weapons

Adds 1 New Dimension and 1 New Biome 

2 New ores and many new items and blocks.

Just Enough Items is recommended.


Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

Shadow Mod 0.7.0

Tools And Armor Update

Added New Passive Mob Shadow Cow That Drops Shadow Leathers on Death

Shadow Leather Is A material used to make Shadow Leather Armor. Shadow Leather Armor Has A total 12 Armor (6 Armor Bars)

Deadzone Has now trees with Deadzone Wood and Deadzone Leaves. Punching Shadow Logs will give you blindness II for 25 Secounds.

Deadwood Planks Are Planks made from Deadzone Wood, They Can Make The Dead Tool Set

Dead Tools Are as strong as Iron but they have more durability.

Dead Hoe, Shadow Hoe, Maruril Hoe Added. Yes finally theres Hoes, But They Have An ability!

When Its Raining, And you Right click these Hoes they Give you items. Dead Hoe Gives you seeds when raining, Shadow Hoe Gives you Melon Seeds when raining, And Maruril Hoe Gives you Nether Wart.

Added New Shadow Chicken (Just ambient for now)



Shadow Mod 0.6.0

Black Death First Phase and last phase damage had been buffed.

Black Death Speed has been Nerfed

Black Death Phase 1 Drops Shadow Ingots. Black Death forms have new death effects.

Black Death Last Phase Drops Exp, A New Item (Strange Eye) And Has More Health and is now called "Black Death Uncaged"

Strange eye is a material used for a Crafting recipe of "Impending Doom"

Impending Doom Is a Melee Weapon with 12 Attack Damage, and 2534 Durability (1,6 Attack Speed)

Black Widow No longer drops coal and spider eyes.

Black Widow Drops Metal Strings

Metal String is a new material used for making Shadow Ingots (5 Iron ingots, 4 Metal String)

Shadow Stone Bricks is a new block made of 4 shadow stones (resulting in 4 Shadow Stone bricks)