Luter (Pacify/Tame Hostile Mobs) (ALPHA)

Published by iciclepops on Mon, 06/05/2023 - 09:04
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*This mod is in Alpha, it is perfectly functional but I plan to add more features and expand on the idea of making mob behaviors more complex than just killing machines

Ever wanted to be a pacifist bard? Do you consider Monsters As Your Friends? Then pick up a lute and start charming all those that stand in your way!

lute sprite

Just pluck those strings and try hitting mobs with the ALL-NEW lute projectiles (honeycomb is a placeholder)
Literally ANY mob can be pacified: Yes, even those from other mods! (Not extensively-tested but you can try)

Here's how you can craft one yourself:
lute crafting recipe
(Note that I made it so there's only a 70% chance of pacifying when hit to make it even a little bit challenging, and that mobs BREAK OUT of being pacified when you attack them!)

Some Planned Features and Ideas are:

You can "pacify" hostile mobs in many different ways: Deception, Distraction, Persuasion, Exhaustion, Hypnosis, Assistance (feel free to add on to this)

- Deception is maybe by wearing disguises that make you look or seem like a mob or another mob they're allied with, to counteract this have some mobs have a chance to spawn with the ability to see through disguises.

- Distraction is from the idea of using bait, maybe have mobs that only target you specifically be fooled by a decoy of the player; and have the others seek their own food sources. This would probably only work on low-intelligence creatures, but you can bait them into walking into deadly traps or just ones meant to capture which leads to....

- Persuasion, let them know you mean no harm by either letting them go, unequipping weapons, or giving them a truce gift. This is not always guaranteed to work

- Exhaustion after draining all their energy into attacking you. This is mainly for minibosses with heavy attacks and other exhausting abilities. If they use it enough times and realize the player is just dodging all of them they might just sit down to see what else you do. This is a good time to Persuade or do other things as well.

- Hypnosis, use magic to charm monsters. This might be the Lute idea but one that uses energy/resources or the musical projectile that requires skill/rhythmic precision. Maybe it also just puts the monster to sleep instead of fully-pacifying them, Would be interesting to have you do something like trapping them while they're still unconscious. And finally:

- Assistance by helping, perhaps by healing them or helping get rid of or also pacifying an enemy they're facing. Since this is a fairly difficult task this would probably make them loyal to you,

I would also like to add the idea that maybe some mobs have a VERY rare chance of spawning docile. I'm also thinking of how this mod could be compatible with other mods, since they also introduce new monsters I sincerely want to be friends with. It's already "compatible" but I want it to be more, give them even more behaviors and interactions.

Modification files
LuterAlpha_1.16_1.0.2.jar - New 3D Lute Model implemented, yet to be animatedUploaded on: 06/17/2023 - 17:06   File size: 573.14 KB
LuterAlpha_1.19_1.0.1_0.jar - WIP mod that makes ANY mob passive/friendlyUploaded on: 06/07/2023 - 05:46   File size: 284.66 KB


- Lute
- Added Lute Recipe


- New 3D Lute Model
- Fix Hearts
- Create Player Lute Animations

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions to this!

I'm currently trying to figure out how to make the heart particles appear ONLY when you've successfully pacified, and also making the shooting process more smooth and fun in general.

For now, its just a mod that makes any mob you want to be friendly.

thanks but I included that as a joke lol! it's been ages since I've updated that story (I plan to get back to it sometime far into future)

but if you liked that then I'm currently working on a comic about Monster School (yeah, THE monster school) its on hiatus which means I haven't touched it in months but there's like 7 pages out: