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Based on Junji Ito Selected stories

Previous mod name: Ito World

[L->R] Puppet- Shiver- Kawakami [Demon Girl]


Currently existing mobs in the latest version:

+Demon Girl (Tomie)

+Noose Head (Hanging Blimp)

+Puppet (Marrionette/Jean Pierre)

+Face Taker (Face Burglar)

+Shivering man (Hideo)

Modification files
Ito-World 0.2.jar - Enter Junji Ito's world of Horror! (OLD)Uploaded on: 01/22/2019 - 06:45   File size: 130.18 KB
Dimensions of Horror 0.01.jar - Newest VersionUploaded on: 12/17/2019 - 07:52   File size: 85.59 KB

Or perhaps even create several dimensions & each one is a different story from the horror collection & you can the idk, role-play or something.

For Gyo, I want to wait for an MCreator version of update aquatic so the fish are already there & I can just re-arrange a few things.
For instance, I'll try to add in a mob that is kinda like a minecraft/spider jockey kind of thing that picks up fish & then attacks the player.

This is really cool so far. Are you going to add other mobs like the creatures from Gyo? How often is this updated?

Thx! I haven't updated this for quite some time but I intend on doing so soon. If your'e looking for more of Ito I also made another mod about Tomie.

To answer your question about adding new mobs, I'd like to put in a huge amount of new content but my modelling stuff is broken at the moment so I have to make do with default models but I'll see what I can come up with. ^w^

Btw, it's always nice to meet another Ito fan!

I took a look at the Tomie one as well. I like the different interactions with each character, it really feels like something straight from that chapter.

Are you planning on adding just mobs and items to the pack, because it'd be pretty cool to see stuff like Hell Star Remina in a dark red sky as the moon at night.
Even mobs like the boy from Glyceride that shoots pus at you, or the woman that Souichi runs away from in the Secret of the Haunted Mansion (which I'm pretty sure is meant to be the fashion model from Cursed Frame)

Don't mind me, I have too many ideas haha. Just glad to see that it hasn't been forgotten, looking forward to more

I intend to add many, many, many more things, but I'm unable to access techno right now so I'll continue with the default models until something better comes along.
I'd also like to somehow implement UzUmAkI into this somehow, but it's kinda hard cuz of all those spirals, and Minecraft... is only squares... I wanna also add a lot of other mobs too. Like a proper version of Slug Girl or even Oshiriki.
+Mobs from Mimi's Ghost stories, such as the mechanical lady in the room next door.