Nostalgic Craft

Published by MatyasU on Mon, 11/23/2020 - 06:19
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this is a Addon from Minecraft 2009 of 2010

example mobs, items and blocks, this one is a Nostalgic called Nostalgic Craft.

Spider - from Survival Test 2010

Zombie Pigman - Pre-1.16

Human - 2009 Classic

Pigman - Indev or other game from 2009

Slime - 2010 has been added the old texture

Pig - example from 2009 old texture

Cow - 2009 but has no horns

Blocks - Old famous Textures

Gravel - changed texture into 2009 game

Cobblestone - changed texture into 2009 game


Added Ruby into the game

Added Raw Beef and Raw Porkchop

Added Cooked Beef and Cooked Porkchop.


Added Block of Ruby and Ruby Ore

Modification files
NostalgicCraft - Normal.mcaddon - it's a alpha-beta addon or Nostalgic AddonUploaded on: 11/23/2020 - 06:25   File size: 60.74 KB

don't forget to upvote and download, it's a test in minecraft bedrock edition, if you have a no 2 spawn eggs has missing
for this is a summon command:
/summon alphacraft:classic_slime
/summon alphacraft:human