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The Monkeys mod is a mod, for minecraft version 1.15.2, containing a wide variety (as of the first release 3) of genera and species of simian primates from a wide variety of environments across the planet. The monkey mod was created out of a passion for primates, large, small, from the old world and new world.

Modification files
Monkey-ver-1.1-preview.jar - Preview of Monkey version 1.1 featuring the new Colobus monkeyUploaded on: 10/18/2020 - 11:23   File size: 69.01 KB
Monkey-ver-1.1-release_0.jarUploaded on: 10/19/2020 - 09:51   File size: 83.7 KB

Version 1.0:

- Western Gorilla added

- Chimpanzee added

- White-faced capuchin added

Version 1.1:

- Black and white colobus added

- Mandrill added

- Bonobo added (Shares same model as chimp)

- Chimp remodel

this is a small mod that i really like, we need more mods like this that add just a little bit to the game for it to feel modded yet still kinda vanilla, the models are great and idk if you plan on updating it but if you are gonna i think orangutans would be kinda cool! either way super nice mod!

i saw this in the related mods bit and i thought it was gonna be bad but honestly it's pretty good