{Dungeons+} Now in BETA!

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Welcome To Dungeons+!

This is the first mod I have made!


I am currenty working on a release for version 1.1. You still can download Beta but Beta will be removed upon Version 1.1 releasing.



Original Idea: SavageAnimals555

Texture Designer: dragonman6730

Dungeon Creator: dragonman6730/SavageAnimals555


BETA Program

To get into the beta program (you will get featured) contact me on discord @ TheDarkGamer#6015


Number of Official Releases: 0

Number of Beta Releases: 1

Number of Bug Fixes: 0


Hope You Guys Enjoy!

Leave Ideas In The Comments!

Project members
Texture designer
Gameplay designer
Gameplay designer
Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

Version 1.0 Beta:

 - Added Sand Dungeon

 - Added a new Boss: Pharoah

 - Added a new Mob: Mummy

 - Added Mummy Wrap

 - Added Weak Ankh

 - Added Decoder

 - Added Cryptic Tombstone

 - Added Solved Cryptic Tombstone

 ---------------------------------------RELEASED V1.0 BETA---------------------------------------