{Dungeons+} Now in BETA!

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This Mod Is Discontinued

Please Check Out Minecraft Plus Instead!


Welcome To Dungeons+!

This is the first mod I have made!


I am currenty working on a release for version 1.1. You still can download Beta but Beta will be removed upon Version 1.1 releasing.



Original Idea: SavageAnimals555

Texture Designer: dragonman6730

Dungeon Creator: dragonman6730/SavageAnimals555


BETA Program

To get into the beta program (you will get featured) contact me on discord @ TheDarkGamer#6015


Number of Official Releases: 0

Number of Beta Releases: 1

Number of Bug Fixes: 0


Hope You Guys Enjoy!

Leave Ideas In The Comments!

Project members
Texture designer
Gameplay designer
Gameplay designer
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

Version 1.0 Beta:

 - Added Sand Dungeon

 - Added a new Boss: Pharoah

 - Added a new Mob: Mummy

 - Added Mummy Wrap

 - Added Weak Ankh

 - Added Decoder

 - Added Cryptic Tombstone

 - Added Solved Cryptic Tombstone

 ---------------------------------------RELEASED V1.0 BETA---------------------------------------