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Published by TiHi2c8 on Sun, 10/09/2022 - 22:37
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This Is My Neat Little Mod its still in progress/its the beginning.

Im am almost New To Mcreator I created My first mod i think a year ago from this point i was bad... i mean i am still bad xD but a little better. This mod is just all kinds of stuff Like Aggresive Villagers, Ores, Weapons, armors, and so on.

To This Point i Made The Aggresive Villagers. The Aggresive Villagers are Mobs that will replace Villagers after you punched Them and will Attack you. Its not that good and still in progress. curently i am planning/making The Peace Flag with that you can richt click them to make peace.

if you have Feedback to my Mod pls comment them. And Also i Need Some Ideas to do in my mod i will try to do that but i cant promise i can do that. After i completed The Aggresive Villager Part i am going to make God Ores Like Lightning ores and cloud ores.

if you dont know how to install the mod look at this video .

Thanks for The Help SuperMatCat24 .

Made By TiHi2k8

Modification files
All Arround V1.4.jar - All Arround V1.4Uploaded on: 10/10/2022 - 12:24   File size: 191.51 KB
All Around V1.5.jar - All Arround V1.5Uploaded on: 10/10/2022 - 13:29   File size: 190.69 KB
All Around_1.18.2_V1.6.jar - All Arround 1.18.2_V1.6.jarwUploaded on: 10/11/2022 - 10:15   File size: 218.14 KB
All_Arround_1.18.2_V1.7.jar - All Arround Forge 1.18.2 V1.7Uploaded on: 10/12/2022 - 11:40   File size: 244.12 KB

changelog #1.0

This Is The First Changelog What do you exepct...

Props to SuperMatCat24 .

Okay I added The Aggresive Villagers That will attack you after you punched a villager/ will replace them.

is that ok for you?????


Changelog #1.1

Just some more stuff like Metall the metall speer The Peace Flag and also a german Flag. if you want i can upload the model for blockbench so you can design the flag you want.


Changelog #1.2

Some Bug fixed Like when you punch a villager more than once  He wont scream like 50 times anymore.


Changelog #1.3

i uploaded the right thing now sry you couldnt play it before. :(


Changelog #1.4

I changed it so that Aggesive Villagers wont spawn Naturally in the World from Now on


Changelog #1.5

Another Bug Fix That you Must Right Click an Aggresive Villager to make paeace. Before you could click any entity


Changelog #1.6 

I added  a miners chest where you can get up to 0-5 diamonds out of one and up to 12 iron ingots and up to 2 Miners Pickaxes but you cant mine with them thats for a future update. also i added a unbreakable stone block and a unbreakable black to build drungeons with them. there are no dungeons in this version but they will come soon.


Changelog #1.7

I added a lottbag that you can  get from a MinersChest that will soon spawn in specific dungeons and out of them you can get good stuff like Iron Pickaxes and stone swords and so on.


Changelog #1.7.1

I Uploaded the wrong version now there is the real version of the V1.7

Sorry guys i didnt know that you cant play it i am curently working on it that you have The Right Thing to download.

Hey Guys Thanks for so many downloads i cant believe it :)

if anyone has an idea for the mod pls make a comment im trying to do my best and i need ideas and im trying to make them but i cant promise anything

And Thanks for The many downloads when i uploaded my mod i thougt it would never get as much downloads as it has right now thanks to everone who downloaded it