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Hello this is my own mod the name is Bakar Mod it adds many new things to your world. for example a new sword and a new dimension and a new biom. I hope you like my mod.........................  / .........its outdated so . it was my first mod so please dont hate :D Thanks im also on youtube :Maluto [German]

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Bakar Mod 1.12.2_0.jar - Bakar Mod 1.12.2_0Uploaded on: 05/23/2019 - 17:05   File size: 252.5 KB



Nice mod :)
PS: things in English are neutral, so you should use "it" for them

i really like how you apparently consider your mod a "she", even though it has no gender whatsoever, but in all seriousness, use the "it" pronoun for literal genderless objects (unless you want to emphasize them just like ships for example) :D

but i say that it would be helpful to make a guide and upload more screenshots